What is Web Hosting and How Does it Operate?

We can define web hosting as the corporate practice of providing bandwidth and storage space on a computer server that is high powered and connected to a very high speed network. Hosting enterprises have large networks with high powered computers web servers in a physical station mainly known as data centers. Computer servers are connected to a high speed network that is redundant to network failures. They have a power backup power, fast internet connection and qualified staff to monitor security

Reseller Web Hosting
This term by definition refers to a common way of starting your own business of web hosting at most importantly is that this is done at a considerably lower cost. Reseller web hosting essentially comes in two major types. First there is the reseller of services and second there is private label. The latter can be described as the better of the two types particularly owing to the fact that it allows the host to have an authority over their customer's websites and this is the sense that the host retains full control. The rule of thumb here is that the more the hosting you do the higher the profit. Learn More about hosting, go here. 

Just like the name suggest the reseller of services literally resells the web hosting plans. In essence the resell is of a relatively larger web hosting company. Profit is earned through discounting where the host gets a discounted price. Unlike the private-label there is no full control over the sites of the customer. For more useful reference, have a peek here 

A shared disk and bandwidth is provided by web hosting companies to the customer in monthly fee charges. The customer only need to sign up and upload all his/her 
file in a personal space, all this information is uploaded on a web server which can be view and accessed anytime of the day on the internet. If you compare the cost of running your own server from renting, you will find renting a server is much cheaper that having your own. This makes it necessary to have the web hosting companies which takes over the work of maintaining the hardware, software and user data.

Web hosting Types

The three main type of web hosting are reseller, shared and dedicated, all of them perform different functions.

Shared (Web hosting)
This is where you are given a fragment portion of disk space on a server to use, which is provided to you by your hosting company.

So you are in need to understand what web hosting is, what it can offer if you do not know much concerning web hosting?

Getting to know this information about web hosting is not shameful. There some point where everyone prefers to begin and for our case let's start leaning about web hosting. Please view this site for further details.